Can’t save or compile code with a comment header containing an opening bracket

The following comment prevents code from being saved or compiled:

static void Job1(Args _args) {}

This also won’t compile:

static void Job1(Args _args) {}

To save or compile, one would have to remove the opening bracket or add a space before it, like this:

// (
static void Job1(Args _args) {}


//naow9es5upaw39 8w04w43(p095wa
static void Job1(Args _args) {}

Hiding a control bound to an array field

When placed in the init method on a form, the following hides the Project control of the Dimension field in InventTable:


inventTable_ds.object(fieldId2Ext(fieldNum(InventTable, Dimension), #Project)).visible(false);

End of Yesterday

For a while, I was using the following expression to set a package DateTime variable, @DateTo, to the end of yesterday:


Yet, while this worked consistently when run from Visual Studio or the Sql Management Studio, it was occassionally 3 milliseconds off when the package was run from an SQL job or launched from the dos prompt on the database server.  As a workaround, I set the package DateTime variable to the current time and modified the SQLStatement of the SQL Task to select with the end of yesterday:

SET @Date = DATEADD(ms, -2, DATEADD(DAY, DATEDIFF(DAY, 0, @DateTo), 0));