Changing SharePoint’s HelpDesk Service Request Status

Just in case that I forget, in order to change the service request status, one has to modify or add a SRStatus_Choice in:

%programfiles%Common FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions12Resourceshlpdsk.resx

In this example, I renamed existing ones and added two more:

  <data name="SRStatus_Choice1" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>Nicht Begonnen</value>
  <data name="SRStatus_Choice2" xml:space="preserve">
  <data name="SRStatus_Choice3" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>In Bearbeitung</value>
  <data name="SRStatus_Choice4" xml:space="preserve">
  <data name="SRStatus_Choice5" xml:space="preserve">
  <data name="SRStatus_Choice6" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>Wartet auf jemand anderen</value>

For additions need to be appended in this schema:

%programfiles%Common FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions12TEMPLATEFEATURESHelpDeskServiceRequestsListservicerequestschema.xml

In this example, I added choices 4 and 5:


After making the changes, restart the IIS.


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